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8 EASY STEPS to looking FABULOUS for your special dance PHOTOSHOOT

That special day is getting closer and your nerves are starting to get out of control…

Here are a few tips to make sure that you get the best photographs to savour the memory of that special dance.

Let's get you rock and rolling...

“You have to remember that you are unique and one of a kind. YOU are the only person responsible for your own happiness. Make every moment count and remember to always be YOUR OWN TRUE SELF. Life is just easier being yourself than trying to be someone else.”

No more lectures, here are your 8 STEPS...

1. A good night sleep will guarantee rosy cheeks and bright eyes on the day of your photoshoot. A minimum of 7-9 hours is recommended for adults to function at their best. Be as fresh as a daisy!

2. We have amazing apps nowadays like Pinterest Use it to look at different poses for photographs. You will quickly see the ones that you are more drawn to. Keep these in a board and share them with your photographer so that he/she can get an idea of your expectations.

3.“If you can’t see anything beautiful in yourself, get a better mirror” – Kendall Jenner. The week leading up to your photoshoot should be used to get comfortable with some of the poses that you have seen on Pinterest. Use a mirror and practice these and remember to focus on giving a natural smile to yourself.

4.My children believe I am OCD, but really planning your day will make sure that you have enough time to get ready. The last thing you want is to be rushed and stressed out…

5.It is the SMALL THINGS that turn out to be the BIG THINGS. Facial, eyebrows, hair, nails and lips must be part of your check list. Especially your hands as they will feature somewhere in the photo shoot and they must be perfect!

6.The saying from Michael Kors catch this next one perfectly “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”. Having all you accessories ready the day before will reduce stress and will allow you to enjoy your day. For the guys… dirty shoes are just not on…

7.Always having an honest best friend or family member nearby could just be your secret weapon. Before you leave for the photoshoot ask them to check that everything is in place and that your make-up is looking great.

8.Make a promise to yourself that you are going to enjoy the day, NO MATTER WHAT! You are guaranteed stunning portraits and a memorable evening if you are relaxed and enjoying the experience.

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious" -Ruth Reichl

It might sound so cliché... but share your pictures and experience with others in a positive way. Every moment that we capture and treasure is just so much better if it is shared with others.

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