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Looking back at my photography career I realised that from a very young age I was fascinated with framing and collecting memories.  I did not own a camera but insisted on buying postcards on my visits to interesting places. I still have this collection of memories.


It was only at a later stage in my life that I could afford a decent camera.... a Pentax.


I have millions of albums and is the “go to” person in the family if any memories needs to be revisited.


I spend some time on a part time basis learning more about the art of photography.  The College of Digital Photography made it easy with their awesome part time courses. every day my love for this form of art just grew bigger and bigger.


After a very successful corporate career of over 20 years, I realised that the empty space in my heart needed to be filled with my love for framing moments.  Being a passionate and dedicated individual who enjoys creating memories for people around me, it was just the right thing to follow my heart.




From fashion & beauty portraits to celebrations & weddings... my mission in life is to capture the light side of life!


I also find bliss in framing beautiful landscapes, architecture and interior.

I have over 6 years of photography experience and always embrace opportunities that cross my path.

"Photography is the 

beauty of life


-Tara Chrisholm-

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