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Couples photo shoot... breath in and breath out!

Picture this... it is Saturday afternoon and your are meeting with your photographer. The knot on your stomach is a familiar reminder that you do not feel comfortable in front of a lense....

What is it about that lense? The sudden doubt about your hair, outfit and body...and then that heavy feeling of regret!

“Let's fast forward to the day that your get the photos and they are just amazing... everything that you initially felt, forgotten”

Your photographer carries a bit of "magic dust" to turn your feeling of regret into a feeling of joy and pride.

The "Magic Dust" and what YOU can add...

Your photographer's most important task on your photoshoot day is to gain your trust and to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Clear direction and a feeling of comfort will have an enormous effect on your photos and will create real moments that are aesthetically pleasing with tons of personality.

Here are some tricks that your photographer will have up his/her sleeve to help make your shoot a memorable experience.

  • A little bit of a warm up, walking to and from the camera will get you used to be in front of the camera. It also give you an opportunity to get used to your photographers way of work and to hear the direction that he/she give to you.

  • The photographer will start giving more and more direction using your feet, hips arms and head as direction points.The photographer will also provide you with discussion ideas to bring out your personalities and connection that you have with each other.

  • Your photographer will ask question to finding out who you are, how you met, what you are currently doing, if you have favourite foods and what are your travel plans and preferences. Creating connection on different levels will make you more at ease.

These are just a few things that your photographer will do to make your shoot the best value for money so that important memories are created.

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